Model Horse

Model Horse - The model horse hobby takes different directions for different collectors. Some hobbyists collect all four Breyer model horse sizes, including Traditional, Classic, Paddock Pals and Stablemates, while others are loyal to a particular size classification. Some like to participate in photo contests while others prefer to enter live shows. Some are new to the hobby while others have been actively involved for many years. In the midst of all this diversity, we offer four unchanging principles to help all hobbyists win whatever horse toys contest they enter. This article provides a checklist of the four most crucial keys to winning contests.

Model Horse - First - Beauty is in the eye of the beholder - You must only put forth the cleanest and most pleasing Breyer model horse. If you're entering a photo contest, be sure your photo is sharp, clear and allows the coloring to come across vividly. If you're entering a live show, consider what entrants must do in order to prepare live shows with real horses. The entries must be clean, shiny and without blemish from any angle. Be sure to incorporate any scenery and tack you're allowed to.

Second - Make it easy for the judges by clearly and correctly labeling your entries. For example, if you are entering your horse toys in a photo contest, it is absolutely necessary to place matching labels on every photo and in the same area on the back of the picture. In fact, some judges appreciate colored labels or some other easily identifiable mark so that keeping an entry together is easier. Consider typing the necessary information and keep all required forms organized.

Third - It's all in the Detailing - Whether it's a horse toys photo contest or a live show, triple check your checklists! One missed criteria, and you can lose.

Fourth - Choose your battles carefully. Realistically, it is not possible to enter every Breyer Model Horse show. That pesky thing known as "life" tends to get in the way. This means you must choose wisely which shows you'll pass on and which ones you will enter. Consider the entry fees, location and guidelines. The last thing you want to do is get burned out; by wisely choosing your options, you will be able to enjoy the process and make a better presentation for the contests you enter.

It might sound strange to some hobbyists to hear there are any guiding principles for success. Anyone who is passionate about Breyer model horse toys knows too it is a pure art form. But before passing judgment, put these principles to the test to see if they lead you to success. You might be surprised!

In fact, we'll throw in one final tip to consider. As with so many other things, it is your attitude that makes all the difference. Don't make the mistake of some who manage to turn a fun hobby into a serious chore. Who needs that? Keep it fun, stay happy and enjoy the show!

Don't miss out on the fun of participating in horse toys competition. It can be one of the most exciting ways to enjoy your Breyer model horse collection. By following these four guidelines, you can not only participate in shows but you can claim the title as the best of the best.


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